Earth Studio Updates

We're continually adding new features, fixing bugs, and improving everything that's already in the tool. Check below to see what's new in each build release.

Earth Studio 1.2

Moon and Mars

Solid rocket booster ignition and liftoff! The Moon and Mars are now available in Earth Studio. Learn more

Animate KML opacity

You can now set and animate opacity of individual KMLs in the timeline. Learn more

Earth Studio 1.1

Custom Image Guides

Use a custom image guide in the camera viewport. Simply go to View > Guides > Custom Image to pick a transparent PNG image from Drive. Learn more

Map Styles for Navigation

To make it easier to navigate the world, turn on borders and labels for visual reference. Learn more

3D Camera Export Improvements

To facilitate integration with other software packages and web experiences, Earth Studio now exports 3D camera data in JSON. Choose between Global and Local coordinate systems. Learn more

Roll (experimental)

Users can add Camera Roll to their projects from the “Add Attributes” menu. Learn more

Bug Fixes and Stability

Numerous bug fixes have been addressed including persistent render settings across user sessions and searching for locations using coordinates.

Earth Studio 1.0

Improved KML Support

KML performance is significantly increased and rendering issues such as “edge clipping” at high camera tilt has been resolved. Earth Studio also supports more of the KML spec, including Network Links and ScreenOverlays.

Google Drive integration

Earth Studio now allows you to import KML and KMZ files directly from Google Drive. This makes it easy for multiple users to reference the same files, and build a library of KMLs on Drive to collaborate with others.

Improved performance

Earth Studio now takes advantage of Chrome technology that lets the browser utilize the native hardware on your computer, improving performance and rendering speeds.

Earth Studio 0.3.3

Multiple KML Overlays Support

You can now import multiple KML overlays into your Earth Studio project.

Sign-up page

A colleague or team member needs Earth Studio access? Direct them to Earth Studio and they can now sign up to be whitelisted.

Bug Fixes and Stability

Numerous bug fixes have been addressed including pasting URL strings from Google Maps, and copying/pasting keyframes between projects in different tabs.

Earth Studio 0.3.1

Bug Fixes and Stability

Numerous bug fixes from the previous release have been resolved.

Earth Studio 0.3

Fullscreen Preview

You can now hide the timeline to preview your animations in full screen.


You can now use your rendered images to find your way back to a particular location in Earth Studio. Simply drag and drop a rendered image into the main viewport and the respective location will appear using the embedded EXIF metadata.

Reduced Texture Popping

Flickering textures can be a problem in Earth Studio. In this version we’ve added functionality under the hood that helps “blend” texture popping and make it less noticeable in your renders.


As of this build, when you start a new project, we store the current state of the clouds. This helps ensure consistency when loading old projects.

Search History

Earth Studio now supports search history to quickly take you to places you've been to before.

Keyframe Snapping

It’s now easier to line up your keyframes in Earth Studio. Simply DRAG to have your keyframes snap to other keyframes on the timeline.

Bug Fixes and Stability

Numerous bug fixes from the previous release have been resolved.

Earth Studio 0.2.5

3D Camera Export

Seamlessly composite 2D and 3D elements into Earth Studio imagery by exporting 3D tracking data to Adobe® After Effects®. Learn more

Track Points

Use Earth Studio to set Track Points, a subset of the 3D Camera Export feature.

Improved Multi-View Path Control

Added the ability to unlink easing handles in Multi-View by holding while dragging.

Available 3D Cities

View a live, interactive map of all urban centers with 3D data, directly in Earth Studio.
Learn more

Overlay & KML Improvements

Added support for the KML hotspot element. Added support for Time of Day with Overlays.

Bug Fixes and Stability

Numerous bug fixes from the previous release have been resolved.

Curve Editor Improvements

Refined the keyboard controls for adjusting easing handles.

Earth Studio 0.2.4

Overlays and KMLs

Add a whole new layer to your animations (literally!) with Overlays, including KML support. Learn more

Render Improvements

Earth Studio now analyzes your render before starting, which helps cut down on duplicate frames and other rendering artifacts.

Multi-View Improvements

Extensive performance and usability improvements to Multi-View.

Timeline Improvements

Extensive improvements to performance and usability in the timeline and curve editor.

New Guides

Now you can choose from three types of guides when creating your animations: Safe Margins, Thirds, and Center. Select which guide you'd like from the View > Guides menu. Use G to toggle Guides on and off.

Render Settings

Redesigned the render settings to put more of an emphasis on your render preview.

Bug Fixes

Numerous bug fixes from the previous release have been resolved.