Quick Start Projects

Sometimes, you don't want to spend time handcrafting the perfect animation. Or maybe you've never animated before, and can't afford the time to learn. To help make the concept-to-completion process as fast and effortless as possible, we've created a set of customizable templates, called Quick Start projects. These are based on the most common camera moves.

Making a Quick Start Project

To access Quick Starts, use the File > New > Quick Start menu, or select the Quick Start option from the Blank Project dropdown menu on the landing page.

Then, simply choose the appropriate Quick Start and follow the steps. You'll end up with a fully editable project, which you can either use as a starting point or render straight away.

Available Quick Starts


A simple camera move to a point from a higher altitude. Your first and last frames will match the exact framing of your camera in their respective steps.


A smooth camera animation between up to six different points. Each "point" will be set based on the exact orientation of your camera.


A perfectly smooth circular orbit around a point of interest.


A gradually shrinking, descending orbit around a point of interest.

Fly-To and Orbit

An approach from a distance, smoothly transitioning into a full circular orbit.