All uses of Google Earth Studio must provide attribution to both 'Google Earth' and third party imagery providers, if applicable. We require this attribution to be visible when Earth Studio content is shown.

Data Sources

The imagery you see in Earth Studio can come from many different data sources: primarily Google, but also third-party data providers. All these sources must be credited when their imagery is used within an Earth Studio project.

When you render, we automatically generate this attribution for each frame and watermark it onto the rendered image. Note that the data sources will change based on the geography and type of content visible.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find attribution information for my animation?

When you render, attribution is automatically generated for each frame and watermarked onto the rendered image. The data sources listed will change based on the geography and type of content visible in the frame.

Do I need to show the text exactly as it appears on the image?

Yes, however you can use the Attribution drop-down in the Render Setting to customize placement on the screen.

Can I use Google Earth imagery without attribution?

We currently do not offer a license to use Google Earth imagery without attribution. If you'd be interested in this, or other commercial applications, you can register your interest in this form.